Little Village

Formerly known as South Lawndale, Little Village is a culturally rich neighborhood that pulsates with diversity. While it predominantly embraces a Mexican-American identity today, its history reflects a tapestry of ethnicities including Italians, Czechs, Irish, Croatians, and Slovenians. Presently, it’s emerging as a sought-after locale for young families seeking quality housing at affordable rates.

Little Village entices first-time homebuyers with a mix of new condominiums and vintage flats, while families and individuals craving more space are drawn to its detached homes and brick bungalows. The neighborhood’s vibrant Hispanic heritage permeates through its plethora of authentic Mexican eateries, Spanish-themed shops, and specialty grocery stores, serving as a testament to its cultural richness.

Each year, the streets of Little Village come alive with the spirited celebration of Mexican Independence Day. The annual parade, accompanied by mariachi bands and throngs of spectators adorned in Mexico’s signature colors of red, white, and green, reflects the deep pride residents hold for their roots.

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