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Mike Gutierrez

I was born on the north side of Chicago raised by a single mother, and grandmother. The youngest of four boys, I often found myself entertaining my brothers and friends through comedy, music, and acting. My 3 brothers had much influence in my life encouraging me to dream and set goals. By the mid 80s, searching for my identity I found it in writing. By 13 years old, eager to help my mom I got a job as a busboy for $5.00 an hour teaching me at a young age the meaning of family and sacrifice.


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Success Stories From The Pros Graduates

Olive Mack

Ui Designer, Jobox

The Pros, is definitely the best choice I ever made! The course gave me all the skills and the tools i needed to integrate in the industry.”

Micheal Hernandez

Animator, Creabird

“I received a lot of knowledge and professional tools from the Pros. The lecturers and the rest of the team helped me a lot even after the course.”

Marian smith

UX Designer, Jobox

I finished the course with a lot of professional knowledge, practical tools and lots of encouragement and support from the expert lecturers.”

Rene Thornton

Web designer and Illustrator, Glowl

Proud to be graduating from The Pros Institute. The high level of the courses and the dedication to the students was amazing. Truly thankful!