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Sisters, Sandy & Michelle, are on a mission to try two new wines per week. While tasting and reviewing, they share helpful hints as well as tips and tricks to wine tasting and selection. Each episode uses the Wines To Find simple method for curating wines. Taste along with us and share your thoughts on whether or not the wines featured are Wines To Find.Wines to Find is a Top 50 wine podcasts!
There are names that are synonymous to Chicago but when it comes to Chicago sports there are those that will forever leave a mark. On this episode of MIKE TALK I chat with former Chicago Bear and ACC LEGEND Desmond Clark on self improvement, entrepreneurship , sports and of course his call to the ACC book of Legends.
If you ask most people what they think of Chicago they would probably have more negative things to say than positive . Today, I had the chance to talk with Chicago’s NBC NEWS CHRISTIAN FARR on how much good is being done in some of Chicago’s communities by organizations that help with mental health and youth mentorship.
Justin Roman had two dreams: pitch for the Cubs or be the next Michael Jackson.

Baseball didn’t work out. But as co-host of the Stylz and Roman show on B96 and as front man for a band that’s toured with Pitbull, and now as half of Kenzie and Roman on The Marquee Network, Justin has hit his stride, and having fun!
I’m sure you’ve heard the term “don’t stand in the kitchen if you cant handle the heat”.

Today’s guest has proven to not only stand in it but to also be a voice for those not heard. Meet Sam Sanchez restaurateur AND the FIRST MEXICAN AMERICAN to lead the Illinois Restaurant Association as Chairman. Sam is the perfect man for the job as everything begins to reopen. LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE to hear how he’s in discussions with the Mayor and others in leadership in efforts to help curb Chicago’s violence and toughen laws on repeat criminal offenders.
Did you know “The Windy City” wasn’t Chicago’s nickname because of the weather?

Politics and Chicago have been a talk of the town for decades… And not in a good sense. Todays guest on MIKE TALK former Cook County Commissioner Edwin Reyes tells us not only WHO he lost his last election to but HOW powerful and influential the city political machine can be. Now he is determined to not only WIN this election but to finally give the community of the 8th District of Chicago the commissioner they deserve.
Want to break into stand up comedy? Get advice from the one who tells it how it is! With a smile of course! Join us as Mikey O talks to us about what got him started in show business, some helpful advice to young comedians on how to speed start your career AND how he’s more handsome then William Levy! Find me here: Purchase your tickets for Mikey shows at https://www.mikeyoshow.com


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Olive Mack

Ui Designer, Jobox

The Pros, is definitely the best choice I ever made! The course gave me all the skills and the tools i needed to integrate in the industry.”

Micheal Hernandez

Animator, Creabird

“I received a lot of knowledge and professional tools from the Pros. The lecturers and the rest of the team helped me a lot even after the course.”

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I finished the course with a lot of professional knowledge, practical tools and lots of encouragement and support from the expert lecturers.”

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Web designer and Illustrator, Glowl

Proud to be graduating from The Pros Institute. The high level of the courses and the dedication to the students was amazing. Truly thankful!