Mike Gutierrez

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My Story

I was born on the north side of Chicago raised by a single mother, and grandmother. The youngest of four boys, I often found myself entertaining my brothers and friends through comedy, music, and acting. My 3 brothers had much influence in my life encouraging me to dream and set goals. By the mid 80s, searching for my identity I found it in writing. By 13 years old, eager to help my mom I got a job as a busboy for $5.00 an hour teaching me at a young age the meaning of family and sacrifice.

In High School my English teacher Mr. John Walsh, a part time actor and writer at the time, had us write an assignment of a brief story. The story I created without any assistance impressed Mr. Walsh so much that he inspired me to continue writing. That catapulted my desire to learn more and put acting behind my writing which eventually gave me confidence to audition for roles and to soon begin public speaking.

In Your Neighborhood

Today, 35 years later the lessons that I’ve learned from childhood still influence my discipline to accomplish things I’ve never dreamed of. Mr. Walsh not only helped prepare me to write but to be the character in my own movie. I’ve done some acting in indie films as well as commercials for Xfinity, Cook County Health, re-enactments for Discovery Channel, History Channel and print jobs for ComED and other corporations but none of that would have been possible without intentional mentorship at a young age. 

The Department of Education reports that 39% of all American students enrolled in grades one through 12 live in homes absent their biological fathers. Because I’m familiar with that, I’m helping bridge the gap by bringing mentorship through Real Estate, art and sports.  Mentorship helps fill the need that our youth desperately long for.

That’s why I have partnered up with numerous non for profits, Chicago Park District Little League teams, and Chicago’s GRIP Outreach For Youth, Hood Heroes and more to cultivate relationships through community engagement and intentional mentorship. Why wait for the next generation of leaders when we can help strengthen today’s through creativity, art, sports and other talents they already possess? We can help make a difference.